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Raquel Jillian



I AM FREE!!!!!!

exams are done! i can't believe it! that was the longest two weeks of my life, and now, i can sit back, relax (sort of, there's a lot on my 'to do' list) and not open my books for a whole glorious week and a half. that feels nice! since i am pretty booked this week i started my baking spree yesterday. i made chocolate chip cookies, and today i am making a double recipe of ginger snaps and a frozen mocha cheesecake! i also decided i want to take on the task of baking break. we l-o-v-e Stella's fresh baked multi-grain bread, so i decided i am going to make my own bread! it can't be that hard can it? now all i need is a good multi-grain bread recipe, so if you have one let me know! i can't seem to find my carmera cord to upload pictures of the first cookie baking experience...so this will have to do. i never knew what all the hype was about with having a kitchen aid, but now that we have one, i suppenly understand!

New Blog!!!!


darcyandraquelfriesen.blogspot.com by invite only!



that is the number of reasons I came up with why I have not blogged yet
1. We do not have a computer at home
2. I have not had any free time to do so yet
3. I have felt no ambition to blog again
4. certain people have me hooked on facebook, and I find it easier to upload pictures on

So I will post some pictures of our honeymoon here but the bulk of them are on facebook. So if you would like to be my friend on Facebook let me know and we can be friends.

Thanks to everyone who prayed for safe and non stressful flights, your prayers came true. Flying was so much fun! From Winnipeg to Toronto, Toronto to Punta Cana, Punta Cana to Toronto, and Finally Toronto back to Winnipeg and the most confusing time we had was Winnipeg airport. Don't ask how but it was. Toronto was no problem but small little Winnipeg airport gave us some troubles! Our luggage was everywhere it needed to be when we needed it (my biggest worry!) and everything else was spectacular! It rained on and off some days but it was a nice break from the scorching sun. By the 7th day we were ready to come home and see everyone again but to date Best Vacation Ever.

Bad news blogger doesn't let me post pictures so they will all be on facebook...Sorry!


Ahhh, Saturday is just a few sleeps away, and yes, for all those who want to know I AM EXCITED!!!!! I have not hit the sleepless nights yet (and hopefully I won’t) but I do always get to bed too late because there is so much packing to be done yet. I know that I can wait until we get back to pack up my room and stuff but I do need to clean it before Friday. It really isn’t that messy just a lot of laundry baskets, suitcases and Rubbermaid containers around.

Everything is coming together so nicely for the wedding. There haven’t been any “bridezilla” moments (as Am likes to call them!) yet…ok, ok, maybe once or twice but they were minor issues! Mom and dad went to pick up rentals today already and Darcy is almost done making our lamp stands. They look so amazing! I am so proud that we can have decorations at our wedding that he made. I will have to post pictures of them because they are nothing short of amazing! I am always in awe when I go to the shop with him and watch him work. It is so foreign to me how to work a welder, and all the other tools and machines they have there. I liked the lamps so much that he is making smaller ones for our house. I can’t wait.

Lisa, Amber, Jill, Kelsey and I are all going to get our nails done today! I have never had gel nails before but I am really looking forward to having long STRONG nails. My nails are never ever long. A little bit of white is all I can handle. I think it’s because my nails are so soft that they just bend and break when they are so long. And I hate when there is dirt under my nails. I also am going for a massage today! Which I am VERY excited for!!!

There are so many pictures that I need to post about what’s been going on the last few weeks but I just don’t have time now, so when I get back be ready for a MASSIVE post! Oh and if you think of us at all on the 22nd or 29th (when we will be flying) pray for us…I have never flown before and Darcy only has when he was a kid. We are stopping in Toronto for a few hours both ways and I’m a little stressed about everything seeing as we both have no clue where to go!!! I’m sure we will be fine; I am not so worried about us getting lost but that our luggage will. That is my biggest fear of flying.


Just to update a little about whats been going on this week...

I babysat Hailey during the day and then went to darcy's for supper. We packed up some things to take to the house before heading off to Am and Eriks to "babysit" while they had "bible study." Just as we were entering Riverside Erik texted to see if we would be there soon b/c they were going to be late for "bible study." As I texted back we passed all the hidden cars and I was too busy to notice. We walked into Am's and I was in the midst of saying "Sorry we're late Darcy takes forever........" and then I am overwhelmed with a ton of people and "SURPRISE!!!!" Yes that is correct...A surprise shower that I DID NOT see coming in the least. I was convinced that I would see it coming and that it would be Friday the 13th. But was I ever WRONG!!!! After the shower Misty, Lisa, Stef, and I headed to Lisa's to watch the Bachelor!!!
Tuesday-Darcy came over for supper and we packed up a lot of stuff to move to the house. We had our last meeting with pastor George before the wedding and then went to unpack at the house. Ty and Stef came to check out our new place and we then went home to watch The Office.
-I went to Winnipeg with Am, Erik and Hailey in the afternoon and refrained from buying anything except for some cleaning supplies and detergent. I was quite proud of myself that I didn't spend any money on wants....ok minus timmies coffee; which I didn't even really want I just wanted to roll up the rim, but I lost. 1-12 now. I came home pack even more things to take to the house and left for Awana. Another surprise shower from my class, a beautiful toilet paper wedding dress AND accessories, deal or no deal: Awana edition, singing, and an Easter speaker later, I was back at the house unpacking more stuff. Darcy was already there bed and all! I told him he should move his big things like t.v. and stereo, and such so that he is more motivated to move out and this process would be over sooner...and he chose his bed! As of yesterday night he is sleeping on 2 sleeping bags and 2 blankets on the floor of his room!

Today I am going to winnipeg with mom to do some more wedding shopping (if she ever phones to say what time we are leaving) and Darcy is coming over for supper, we are gunna pack even more stuff (packing seems NEVER ENDING!!!!), watching survivor at 7.00 :) and then go unpack.

Happy Easter!!


More pictures from playing in the snowHard at work in the kitchen (hopefully this keeps up when we are married!)

Mmm... fruit Salad
The lovely lunch that Darcy made me

We went to see Deep Sea 3D at IMAX and looked cool doing it!!!

It was soooo hot in there so I chose comfort over style!!

Where's Darcy??

This weekend has flown by so fast!!! Friday Darcy Lisa and I decided to trek out to winnipeg to see a movie. Well that did not go so well after one theatre being packed and the other theatre being sold out we just decided to go to blockbuster and purchase a movie. We ended up watching Benchwarmers, we had seen it before but it was still good. We then got through more of season 2 of The Office...one of my new favorite shows!!! I got home at around 2.15 and felt amitious so I did part of my Sunday school lesson. Saturday brought waffle making, newspaper reading and the evening was spent in Carman. Sunday was quite an exciting day for us...Church, bbq'd lunch and a nap took up the morning and afternoon. We then got a phone call informing us that we could come and pick up our key to....OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!! Yes that is correct Darcy and I are now the renters of our very first house!!!! We went to his place to pick up season 2 of The Office and our coffee maker and vacuum cleaner and a few other things. We brought them to our house and invited our parents and sibling so come chech out our new place. We ordered pizza and Chinese for supper and went to watch the hockey game at Am and Eriks. I will try to get some pictures of our place up in the next little while. We are planning to move stuff in this week and Darcy will move in at the end of this week or next week sometime! That is all for now!

Better Late Than Never


So these pictures are from our anniversary weekend...the post that goes with it is 03/21/07 (the post below)
Notice how one person managed to fall through the snow with every step!

Well Blogger has decided to not let me post anymore pictures so this is all the pictures you get for now!

More Weekend Updates Minus the Pictures


Saturday I slept in and Darcy came over for a late lunch. I made cheese eggs and bagels, it was delish. After lunch we walked to the store to pick up some things for Sunday lunch. After realizing how beautiful it was outside we decided to get on our snow gear and go walking around our yard. (Pictures to come!) Amber and Hailey came over for supper and we then proceeded to do the same puzzle twice! Yes, that is right the same puzzle back to back. This may sound odd (and it is) but we have a favorite family puzzle. It is a zoo puzzle sort of...just a lot of different animals and we have gotten pretty good at it (except for those silly foxes!!) anyways we decided to time ourselves and see how fast we could do it. The first time took us around 32 minutes, the second 28. So we have recorded our times and plan to beat it sometime in the near future. Darcy and I then headed to his place where he worked on his baptism questions and I finished up some thank you cards. Let me tell you that is the worst part about weddings!!! I have written out countless thank you cards and am not done yet! Don't get me wrong I am very thankful for all the wonderful gifts we got...It's just a lot of thank you's to go around! Sunday was our 3 year anniversary!! After church Darcy and I went to his place for lunch. Lisa, his mom and dad were in Carmen for church since it was Kelli's last Sunday here. Darcy made a wonderful lunch (pictures to come), and then we went to Winnipeg for supper to our favorite restaurant; The Keg...mmmm Delish! We then headed out to Portage Place where we went to see Deep Sea 3D at IMAX. Ridiculous glasses and all! It was a lot of fun!!! (Pictures to come!!) And of course Timmies after which I am now 1 for 8 with Roll Up The Rim!!!


All the major events that have happened since I last blogged!!! Enjoy

Fargo Weekend March 9-11

Mom took us girls to Fargo for a girls weekend away. Amber has a more indepth post about all that went on that weekend but I thought I'd share a little too. First off the hotel...Am said I would share the remote story so I will. After a long day of shopping we all wanted to flop into bed and watch some TLC we turned on the tv and searched for the remote, it was no where to be found. So we called front desk to ask if they had an extra remote for us. In the mean time Am and Stef had hopped into bed realizing a strange and unidentifyed something on the sheet. The knock on the door meant a remote for us and also meant new sheets for Am and Stefs bed. In the process of getting new sheets the remote was scooped up and brought to the laundry room. After finally getting into bed and being ready to watch TLC we get a phone call. Am answers and looks very confused as to whats going on. After she got off the phone she informed us that the lady at the front desk had taken the remote by accident and was going to come return in for us!!Stefs Cotton Candy Ice Cream With Gummy Bears

Mmmm....Krispy Kreme

Kelli's Farewell March 16

yes, it is true...kelli has gone back to Saskatchewan. We did have a very good last weekend together though. We threw her a party and had tons of fun! We'll miss you Kelli. Road trip to come this summer/fall!

Kelli's Lovely Basketball Cake

testing out settings on our camera, I thought it looked kinda cool!

Her going away gift from all of us

The group taking Timer Photos!

And Picture #4 of 4....

The girls, we never got a good one with my camera...Thanks Mike And Darcy!

There are some more things to update yet I just don't have time right now...Stay Tuned!


For those of you (amber) who can't seem to stop pestering me...(amber) and leaving annonymous comments (amber) to update my blog can just be patient, and relax!!! I guess it was time to update though seeing as my last post was only scribbler. But I have nothing very new and exciting to blog about. Wedding stuff is going good, I am only a half frantic bride...the hardest part about wedding stuff is waiting...I know that it is only 45 days (yes I know under 50 days!!!) until April 21st but it is so frusterating to wait. I have had a pretty hard last week or so and hoping for things to look up. I have to keep reminding myself not to get stressed about all that needs to get done. I am trying to take everything one day at a time and not think about the 5 million things I need to get done before our wedding yet. The big thing now is invitations, they are getting worked on as we speak. I know that I should have gotten this done a long time ago so that it was finished and I wouldn't have to think about it anymore. But that is not the case with me, I tend to procrastinate and then stress out way more that I should. But it will all get done, everyone reassures me of that quite often.

On to more exciting news...I have had 3 showers already and we have gotten A LOT of stuff. It is very overwhelming that the huge mountain of gifts at every shower is just for you. I don't really enjoy being the center of attention so I was happy to have 2 of those showers with my soon to be sister in laws...but yesterday it was all by myself! I was very nervous for this shower, but it all turned out to be fine, there were a few people who watched me open gifts; and most of them were my closer friends, a lot of the other ladies would sit and talk and not have their attention on me....WHICH I LOVED!!!!! I am not sure how many showers there are left at the moment I know of 4 sneaky girls who are planning something but I have no clue what is in the works it makes me a little nervous! haha (not really) and then of course a Brandt Road shower, beacuse that is what our street does...showers and bbq's. :)

Last Friday Darcy and I headed to the City to meet up with Jared and Jill to see a movie and go out for coffee (I am currently 0-3 with roll up the rim). Darcy and I decided to head to Future Shop to do some camera shopping since we had 2 hours before we had to meet Jill and Jared. We thought we'd have enough time to look around, maybe purchase a camera and go for supper before we had to meet at 7. Well that is not quite how things turned out. Our browsing turning into buying and not only buying but a lengthy 1 1/2 explanation about our camera, added accessories we could buy, a four year service package we could invest in, and a lot of other non-related camera talk we both didn't want to hear. After our purchase, we got to the mall just in time to meet Jared and Jill and have a quick Sizzling Wok (mmmm sooo gooood!) and NYFries (mmmm also sooo goood!). I have been playing a lot with our new camera trying to figure out all it's functions...I am use to having few options on a camera and a tiny little screen that you can hardly see anthing out of so this is a big improvement! So here is our Canon PowerShot SD 700...

How Good of a Scribbler Are you?


I came across this rather weird but some what funny game...try it out and let me know what you think! and what level Scribbler you are!!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart


Yesterday was Darcy's 21st birthday. Our plans for the day were church, lunch at his parents place, a quick stop at Super Store, skating at The Forks, we also walked around at The Forks for a while and bought some coconuts, supper at Earl’s, Timmies of course and to DQ to pick up some cakes. We came home and had dessert with Amber, Erik, Mom, Dad, and Hailey...and then opened a coconut...it was the best $1.79 we've ever spent! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

One of his two DQ cakes

Skating at the forks

note for next time-dress warmer! we did have toques though don't worry!

Supper at Earls

Trying to open the Coconut...

...The After Math

Verdict-Coconut Milk--not so good, coconut--surprisingly, really good! Not Letting Darcy Spit out the Horrible Coconut Milk!


An Early Valentines Day Gift, because I have Awana Wednesday Nights

He's such a sweetheart!

Love you babe Happy Birthday!!!

More of MDS


This has got to be a blogging record for me! I am posting pictures less than a week of being back home! Enjoy!!!

A Restaurant in the French Quarter, Where Crawfish was Eaten by Some

Pretty Palm Tree...I Love Palm Trees!!!

Break Dancing on the Sidewalks

Those Crazy Guys...

Erik Chasing and Almost Catching a Pigeon

The Mississippi River. With HEEEUGE Ships Passing by Often

The Group Waiting for Lunch


This is the Church where we Stayed

Erik and I checking Am's blog and Emailing Home...and being a little crazy

Our Hangout in Diamond LA.

Trying to play games...Insert Money

More Crazy Pictures...Real Nice Guys!

Myself, Dana, and Olivia

Erik, Poochie, and Jake...Being Them-Crazy-Selves

(Most of) the Group

"Ian the Stud"

Lovely Miss Ruby and Joanne

Miss Ruby's House out on the Bayou

The Shed Erik and Orv Built, and Olivia and I Primed

Our Lovely Paint-ie Faces because of the Wind

The Boys Hard at Work

Mr. Joe, Jake and Joanne

My Wonderful Painting Partner, Joanne

I Even Got Some Work Done Out There...As You Can Probably Tell by my Clothes!

Pictures From the Bayou

Heading Out of New Orlean on Our Way Back Home

That wraps up my posts about MDS. I hope you enjoyed!

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